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Ermium integrates the Cochin Paris Santé incubator

Ermium Therapeutics is settling its laboratories and offices at the Cochin Paris Santé incubator, the 1rst French incubator dedicated to innovative start-ups in the healthcare field, located within the Paris Cochin Hospital.

Ermium receives 1,2 M€ from Bpifrance, the French Innovation agency

Ermium receives 1,2 M€ from Bpifrance, the French Innovation agency

Ermium has been granted 1 200 000 € within the frame of the “Aide au Développement Deeptech” program (Support to Deeptech Development) from Bpifrance, the French agency for innovation, to move forward its therapeutic approach for auto-immune diseases including systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjögren’s syndrome and other type I interferon driven diseases


Ermium Therapeutics, Erganeo & Université of Paris execute a collaborative agreement

Ermium Therapeutics announces the execution of a collaboration agreement with Erganeo and University of Paris. This collaboration agreement will allow Jean-Philippe Herbeuval, scientific founder of Ermium Therapeutics, and co-workers at UMR8601 (laboratory headed by Jean-Philippe Herbeuval at CNRS and University of Paris) to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanism of action of CXCR4 agonists with anti-inflammatory activities.

Series A : €6.3M

Ermium Therapeutics completes a series A funding of €6.3 million to develop breakthrough auto-immune therapeutics

i-Lab 2019 Award

Ermium is a winner of the i-Lab 2019 award from the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education.